Pakistan's Famous TV Host Tariq Aziz Passes Away Barner

Pakistan's Famous TV Host Tariq Aziz Passes Away

Pakistan's famous Tv Host, Politician, Actor, and Writer Tariq Aziz passes away in Lahore at the age of 84. He was known for his work on the Ptv's Quiz Show Neelam Ghar and his famous dialogue "Dekhti aankhon or sunte kanon ko Tariq Aziz ka Salam".

He was the first man to appear on Tv screen of Pakistan. He was the one how announced the launch of PTV on Nov 26th, 1964, thus optimized the golden era of television.

Tariq Aziz was awarded the prestigious Pride of Performance Award by President of Pakistan in 1992 in recognition of his services.

Tariq Aziz was the Pioneer of game shows in Pakistan and was not happy with the new game shows. He doesn’t like the new styles and vulgarity in the new game shows.

As Tariq Aziz has no kids so he already announced his decision in December to denote all his lifetime earnings to the Government of Pakistan after his death. He shared that having children or no children is the will of Allah and since he has no kids of his own he would like to give all his earnings for the welfare of his country.
Tariq Sahab has always loved his country and has gain showed his patriotism with this gesture.

In his last tweet, he said,
"It seems that the wicket has been taken and life has stopped. I have been lying in bed for a few days now thinking that getting out freely is also a deal of God. I don't know when the old wicket returns. There is no hope yet..."